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Terms of Use
Last Updated Date: January, 2021

Welcome to

As a user or visitor (“You”) who access Our site ( or any other digital service(s) provided and managed by Us (“Platform”), You must read these terms and conditions of use (“Terms of Use”), Privacy Policy, and Partner Terms and Conditions carefully and thoroughly before using the features and/or services available in the Platform, as it will be applied to You.

By using Platform (as defined below), You hereby expressly acknowledge and agree that You have read, understood, acknowledged, agreed, accepted, and are subject to all terms and conditions herein. These Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Partner Terms and Conditions constitute valid agreement as to the procedure and requirements for the Platform usage between You and the Platform administrator, Yayasan Pendidikan Agung Podomoro (“We”).

We shall have the right to change, modify, supplement, amend, and/or delete this Terms of Use without any prior notice to You. You should visit this page regularly to ensure that You are aware of the latest version of the Terms of Use, as any newer version of the Terms of Use shall supersede all of the previous versions. If you disagree to fall within this Terms of Use, then You shall not use Platform as Your continued use of Platform after any such changes, whether or not reviewed by You, shall constitute your consent and acceptance of the revised Terms of Use.



a. Platform is website that is administered by Us.

b. Internet connection is required to use Our service. All costs incurred from the connection of your electronic device with the internet network shall fully be your responsibility.

c. The platform facilitates students (“Learner”) to connect with independent contractor instructors (the “Educator”, collectively with Learner, the “Users”) who provide live and/or recorded instruction, tutoring, and learning services via Platform (“Services”).

d. We do not employ Educators and We are not responsible for any action and/or omission by the Educators.

e. We may use the service of a third party for the payment service. All failures caused by event or matter beyond Our reasonable control relating to the payment service made available by the third party are not Our responsibility. However, We will exert Our best efforts to assist in resolving all issues arisen. The service provider of banking/payment services chosen by You may charge an additional fee to You for the service rendered.

f. You understand and agree that Your conversation with Our customer service will be automatically stored and filed for the legal purpose and improvement of the quality of Our Service. The confidentiality of Your conversation is assured and no information will be disclosed.

g. We shall have the right not to process the registration, limit, or terminate Your use of Platform if We have reasonable reasons to suspect that You have violated these Terms of Use or applicable laws.



a. You represent that You are 21 (twenty-one) years old at minimum or married and not placed under guardianship or custody (“Legal Age”).

b. If you are below the Legal Age, You represent and warrant that You have obtained consent from your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) (“Parents”). By consenting, Parents are considered to have read, understood, agreed to, and are bound to this Terms of Use. Parents are fully responsible for (i) all of your actions on the Platform; (ii) any fees or charges associated with the Services; and (iii) Your compliance with this Terms of Use.

c. In the event You are using Platform in the name of a legal entity, You represent that You are authorized to act for and on behalf of such legal entity and to make the legal entity to enter into and be bind to this Terms of Use.

d. Your use of Platform is subject to Our approval, which We may grant or deny in Our sole discretion;

e. You may use the Platform by registering Yourself to the Platform by providing all required information as requested on the Platform’ registration page (“Personal Data”). Your Personal Data will only be used by Us and/or Educator to render the Services in the Platform and for other purposes upon Your agreement per applicable laws.

f. You promise not to assign, transfer, or authorize other persons to use Your identity or use Your account. You shall keep the confidentiality of the password of Your account and each identification supplied to You for the account or Your Personal Data. Unauthorized use of Your account caused by the disclosure of the password in any manner will not make any transaction or Service order made through Your account to be deemed as an unauthorized transaction or order.

g. You must report to Us if You, for any cause whatsoever, do not have control of Your account. You are responsible for the use and misuse of Your account in the Platform by other persons.

h. You are not permitted to endanger, misuse, alter or modify Platform in any manner whatsoever, including but not limited to distributing any virus, worm, spyware or any other computer code, file, technologies or program that may or is intended to damage or hijack the operation of any hardware, software or telecommunications equipment, or any other aspect of the Platform or the interest or property of the Users.

i. You understand and agree that Your use of Platform is also subject to Our Privacy Policy (attached as updated from time to time) as an inseparable part of these Terms of Use.

j. You promise that You will only use Platform to involve Yourself to the Services whether as a Learner or an Educator. You shall not misuse or use Platform for illegal activities, including but not limited to money laundering, theft, fraud, terrorism, or other deceitful acts. You also promise that You will not cause inconvenience to other persons or making false orders through the Platform.

k. You acknowledge and agree that each information in any form whatsoever, including however not limited to video, audio, picture, or text in the Platform have its intellectual property rights (including however not limited to trademark and copyright). You shall not use, modify, disclose, distribute, and/or disassemble such information without permission from its owner.

l. When accessing and using the Platform, You are not permitted to:
(i) violate any laws, third party rights, or this Terms of Use;
(ii) submit or post any information or content in any form that violates, infringes, or misappropriates any intellectual property right of a third party.
(iii) take or collect Personal Data from other users, including but not limited to email addresses, without consent from such users.
(iv) use the Platform to distribute advertising or other content.

m.You acknowledge and agree that We can send You message(s) and notification(s) about information that are related to Your activities on Our Platform, including but not limited to message(s) via SMS or e-mail

n. You acknowledge and agree that the Service rate stated in the Platform may be subject to change at any time.



Joining the Platform and listing classes is free. However, We do charge a fee per student enrollment to the Services. You have an opportunity to review and accept the fees that you will be charged based on Your particular fee schedule, available within your account information. Changes to that schedule are effective after We provide You with at least fourteen days’ notice by posting the changes on the Platform. Unless otherwise stated, all fees are quoted in Rupiah.

Below are the terms for Learner when purchasing a Workshop:
a. All payments are non-refundable and are not transferrable to other workshops.

b. In the event the class is canceled due to some unexpected events by the Educator, We will refund Your payment fully.

c. In the event the class information such as the price, time, location, and/or learning description is amended by the Educator, You can have the option to ask for a refund.

d. You can buy more than 1 (one) Workshop ticket to be used by you and/or by others. If the other person does not yet have an account on the Platform, We will create a new account using an automated system and We will send the password to the email that you registered.

e. The use of account created by Our automated system as stated in point d is subject to these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.



a. You agree to indemnify and hold Us and Our employees, representatives, agents, and affiliates, harmless against any claims, suits, actions, or other proceedings brought against them based on or arising from any claim resulting from Your breach of these Terms of Use. You will pay any costs, damages, and expenses, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs awarded against or otherwise incurred by Us in connection with or arising from any such claim, suit, action, or proceeding.

b. We are not responsible or liable for any default or loss, direct or indirect, material or immaterial caused by the interaction between the Educator with Learner at the time of Services, including but not limited to any interaction through Platform and classroom. We are not responsible for the errors or actions whatsoever made by the Educator during the course of Service.

c. The Services are only a marketplace for Educator and Learner. We do not hire or employ Educator nor are We responsible or liable for any interactions involving the Educator and the Educator who purchase an Educator’s course via the Services. We are not responsible for disputes, claims, losses, injuries, or damage of any kind that might arise out of or relate to conduct of Educators or Learners, including, but not limited to, any Learner’s reliance upon any information provided by an Educator.

d. We do not control submitted content posted on the Services and, as such, do not guarantee in any manner the reliability, validity, accuracy or truthfulness of such submitted content. You also understand that by using the Services, We may expose You to submitted content that You consider offensive, indecent, or objectionable. We shall not be held responsible to keep such content from You.



a. We are the sole owner of the name, icon, and logo of JadiMaster, which copyright and trademark are protected by laws of the Republic of Indonesia. Using, modifying, or placing name, icon, logo, or mark without Our written permission is strictly prohibited.

b. All intellectual property rights in the Platform under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, including the ownership of intellectual property rights of all source code of the Platform and intellectual property rights related to the Platform. You are prohibited from committing infringing the intellectual property right in the Platform, including making modification, derivative works, adaptation, duplicates, copying, selling, reproducing, hacking, and/or exploiting the Platform including use of the Platform from unauthorized access, automatic launch of program or script, or any program whatsoever which may hinder the operations and/or performance of the Platform, or in any manner whatsoever reproduce or avoid the navigation structure or presentation from the Platform or its content.

c. We have the full right to take any legal actions against violation by You relating to intellectual property right in the Platform.



a. All notices or requests for information to Us will be further processed if addressed through Chat feature on the Platform, through email to, by sending a written document to our address at APL Tower 5th floor, Podomoro City, Central Park, Jakarta Barat.

b. Notice to You will be deemed properly received if We can show that such notice, either in physical or electronic form, has been sent to You.



We will at all times exert Our reasonable efforts to keep the Platform functioning and running smoothly. However, We are not responsible and will not be held liable for the unavailability of Platform and/or feature service for any reason, including however not limited to maintenance or technical issues. However, You acknowledge and agree that the transmission or internet access cannot continuously create safe and private payment transactions and therefore each message or information sent or used by You in the Platform may be hijacked or taken by unauthorized third parties.



This Platform is made available on an “as is” basis in the sense that You acknowledge and agree that all risks arising from the use of Platform features by You will fully rest on You and You have no right to request compensation whatsoever from Us. We do not make or give the following representation or warranty:

a. that the Platform is free from error and/or defect or when being operated in combination with hardware, software, system, or other data including that errors and/or defect in the Platform will be repaired.

b. availability and reliability of the Platform or servers supporting the Platform, free from virus and other malicious components.

c. security, timeliness, quality, compatibility, availability, accuracy, and completeness of the Platform features.



a. Our relationship with You is an independent relationship and no agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer, or owner of franchisee-franchisor will be created from these Terms of Use.

b. The headings inserted in these Terms of Use shall be made for reference only and shall in no way establish, limit, explain, or describe the content of the articles.

c. We reserve the right to investigate and claim our rights against each violation of these Terms of Use to the extent permitted by law. You hereby acknowledge that We have the right to monitor the access to sites and Platform to ensure compliance with these Terms of Use, or to comply with the regulations or court order, administrative body or other governmental bodies.

d. User shall not engage in money laundering and/or use funds from illicit sources. We shall have the right to report transactions alleged or suspected as money laundering to the relevant authority.

e. We shall have the right, without prior notice, to take any actions required in the case of manipulation/fraud, such as to close cancel the account, withdraw the cashback, cancel the transaction, retain the fund, including in the case of alleged fraud, money laundering or violation made by You to the Terms of Use and the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.

f. These terms of use shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia and You strictly agree that the provisions of article 1266 Civil Code and other statutory rules requiring approval or authorization of the court to terminate the Terms of Use shall not apply to these Terms of Use.

g. All disputes relating to these Terms of Use shall be settled amicably or be referred to the Indonesian National Board of Arbitration (BANI), under the current rules or procedures at BANI. If both parties fail to settle the disputes through BANI, such disputes will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the North Jakarta District Court.

h. This Terms of Use was made in Bahasa Indonesia and in English, if there are any differences between the two versions, the English version shall prevail.



Other provision(s) will be stated in an Agreement between Us and Teachers. If the Agreement has not been signed by both parties, then the previous Terms and Condition shall apply.


Privacy Policy
Last Updated Date: January 2021

The following Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) describes how Yayasan Pendidikan Agung Podomoro (“We”) respect and protect every personal data owned by user or visitor (“You”) who access Our site ( or any other digital service(s) provided and managed by Us (“Platform”).

By using Platform, You (and/or Your parent or legal guardian if You are under 21 years old) agree that You have read and accepted this Privacy Policy which is an integral part of Our Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms of Use”). You hereby ensure and guarantee that any data provided is valid and correct, and You have the right to provide Us with the data. If necessary and reasonably requested, You agree to provide any proof about the data’ validity and accuracy. In case of any change in data supplied to Us, You must update Your data by sending a request to Us. You also give permission for Us to collect, use, display, announce, disclose, process, open access, store, send, give, assign, manage, destroy, and protect (“Use”) your data for certain purpose(s) in this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

By giving permission, You agree to release Your right for any claim, losses, dispute, or lawsuit that might occur over the Use of Your data in Our system.


Based on the collection method, Your data is divided into:

(i) Data obtained from You
Is data provided by You when filing out electronic form or corresponding with Us, including but not limited to when You:

a. Create an account in Our Platform;

b. Subscribe to any kind of service in Our Platform;

c. Contacting Us, whether by phone, email, website, or other contact details stated in this Privacy Policy;

d. Filling out any survey or review about Workshop or Platform’ service(s);

e. Participating in promotion or competition on the Platform or another social media which owned and managed by Us; and

f. Using Platform’ services, such as searching and purchasing Workshop and/or any service that need access to Your data.

Data that You submitted in those activities may include username, email, password, phone number, address, personal description, picture, financial and/or banking information, transaction detail, and other data related to the activities above.

(ii) Recorded data
Is data that will be collected by Us when You access the Platform, which including but not limited to:

a. Technical information, including IP Address, login information, type and version of the browser used, timezone, real-time geo location; and

b. Visitation info, including the time of your activities on the Platform, complete list of URLs visited, log or data records, product that You have seen or searched on the Platform, transaction data, and phone number or email address You used to contact Our team.

(iii) Obtained data from other sources
Is data collected from third parties, such as our partner who helps Us to develop Our service for You, the Educators listed on the Platform, financial service provider, and other public data source.


We may use or combine the obtained data for the following purpose(s):

a. To do every reasonable effort to carry Our obligation to provide You with any information, product, and services on our Platform;

b. To ensure that the Platform is presented in most effective way for You;

c. To manage, contact, and provide You with any assistance to resolve any inconvenience, transaction problem, or other difficulties during Your access or usage on Platform;

d. To improve Our Platform service(s);

e. To give recommendation or information about Workshop, competition, promotion, or any kind of information for You;

f. To monitor or investigate any transaction or other suspicious activities that allegedly violates Terms of Use or applicable laws; and

g. Other purposes which will be notified to You by Us and in accordance with applicable laws.


We guarantee that there will be no loan, transfer, sale, or distribution of Your data to third parties without Your permission, unless requested by court or authorized legal institution in order to comply with legal obligation and applicable laws.


We will store the obtained data in a manner that is compliant with applicable laws. Every data that We store is encrypted and We will exert our reasonable efforts to protect the confidentiality of the data.

All of Your personal data will be stored for:

a. As long as You are still a user of the Platform;

b. At least 5 (five) years since the date You stopped using Our Platform; or

c. In accordance with the original purpose(s) of data collection.

You can request the deletion of Your account and the data contained from Our system, by submitting a request of such deletion its reason, and a proof of identity such as identity card (KTP)/driving license (SIM)/passport that matches with the identity of such account at the Platform. We will retain Your anonymous transaction data for Our record.


You are responsible for the security of Your account, by maintaining the confidentiality of Your login information, such as email and password or other data that required to access Your account;

1. We are not responsible for any personal data leak that caused by You or third parties;

2. We are responsible for the protection and security of Your personal data in Our system, and we will exert any reasonable effort to prevent any failure of protecting it. If the protection fails, We will send a written notification to You within 14 (fourteen) calendar days as of the occurence of failure;

3. We are not responsible for validity, truthfulness, accuracy, or completeness of data that You submitted to Us;

4. If You are under 21 years old, We are not responsible for any submission of Your personal data, and recommend Your parent/legal guardian to monitor the submission of such data; and

5. We are not responsible for failure or delay in the performance of this Privacy Policy if such failure or delay caused by Force Majeure event. Force Majeure can be defined as any event without the fault or negligence of a Party which occurs beyond the reasonable control of such Party, where such Party could not have reasonably prevent or overcome it, including but not limited to natural disaster, fire, war, riot, demonstration, sabotage, system failures that caused by third parties, banking system failure, or any change of government’s regulation and/or policy which may materially affect Our capacity to perform this Privacy Policy. If it happens, We will notify You in writing within 10 (ten) calendar days as of the occurrence of the Force Majeure event.


When You access the Platform, We may put some cookies within Your browser. Cookies are small digital files stored on electronic device that You use to access the Platform. Your electronic device will automatically receives cookies when You visit or using the Platform’ service. However, You are able to modify or block cookies in Your browser settings.

We use cookies to record Your visit, operates the Platform, count visitation number, or any other purpose(s) related to Platform’ service(s) and in accordance with applicable laws.


We may amend or update this Privacy Policy from time to time, in order to comply with Platform’s developments and applicable laws. If We decide to amend or update this policy, We will put the “Last Updated Date” to Privacy Policy. We recommend You to regularly review this Privacy Policy, and with keep accessing and/or using the Platform, You further agree to any change or update of this Privacy Policy.


If You have any question, please contact:
Whatsapp: 0859-3121-6878
or visit us  at: APL Tower 5th floor, Podomoro City, Central Park, Jakarta Barat.